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Tajiks Persian: Tajiks are tajik man largest ethnicity fling dating sites Tajikistan, and the second largest in Afghanistan which constitutes over half of the global Tajik population. They speak varieties of Persian, a Western Iranian language. In Tajikistan, since the Soviet census, its small Pamiri and Yaghnobi ethnic groups are included as Tajiks. As a self-designation, the literary New Persian term Tajikwhich originally had some previous pejorative usage as a label for eastern Persians or Iranians[18] has become acceptable during the last several decades, particularly as a result of Soviet administration in Central Asia.

Contemporary Tajiks are the descendants of ancient Eastern Iranian inhabitants tajik man Central Asia, in particular, the Sogdians and the Bactriansand possibly other groups, with an admixture of Western Iranian Persians and non-Iranian peoples. In a publication, Frye explains that many "factors must be taken into account in explaining the evolution of the peoples whose remnants are the Tajiks in Central Asia" and that "the peoples of Central Asia, whether Iranian or Turkic speaking, have one culture, one religion, one set of social values and traditions with only language separating.

The Tajiks are the direct descendants of the Iranian peoples whose continuous presence in Central Asia and northern Afghanistan is attested from the middle of the 1st tajik man bc. Tajik man the course of time, the eastern Iranian dialect that was tajik man by the ancient Tajiks eventually gave way to Farsia western dialect spoken in Iran and Afghanistan. The geographical division between the eastern and western Iranians is often considered historically tajik man currently to be the desert Dasht-e Kavirsituated in the center of the Iranian plateau.

According to John Perry Encyclopaedia Iranica: For example, the rulers of tajik man south Indian Chalukya dynasty and Rashtrakuta dynasty also referred to the Arabs as "Tajika" in the 8th and tajik man century. According to the Encyclopaedia of Islamhowever, the oldest known husband wants more sex of the word Tajik as a reference to Persians in Persian literature tajik man be found in the writings of the Persian poet Jalal ad-Din Rumi.

An example for the usage of the word Tajik in Persian literature is, for example, the writing of Sa'adi: The Tajiks are the principal ethnic group in most of Tajikistanas well as in northern and western Afghanistanthough there are more Tajiks in Afghanistan than in Tajikistan. Tajiks are a substantial minority in Uzbekistanas well as in overseas communities.

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Historically, the ancestors of the Tajiks lived in a larger territory in Central Asia tajik man. Tajiks comprise around In the and Soviet censuses, the Puma dating and Pamiri language speakers were counted as separate nationalities.

Tajik pop star fined over birthday law breach - BBC News

Afterthese groups were required to register as Tajiks. In Afghanistan, the Tajiks do not organize themselves by tribes and refer to themselves by the region, province, city, best escort service berlin, or village that they are from; such as Tajik manBaghlaniMazariPanjsheriKabuliHeratiKohistani. In Uzbekistanthe Tajiks are the largest part of the population of the ancient cities of Bukhara and Samarkandand are found in large numbers in the Surxondaryo Province in the south and along Uzbekistan's eastern border with Tajikistan.

According to official statisticsSurxondaryo Province accounts for They are one of the 56 nationalities officially recognized by the government of the People's Republic of China. According to the population census tajik man, there were 26, Tajiks in Kazakhstan 0. According to official statisticsthere were about 47, Tajiks in Tajik man in 0. According tajik man the last Soviet census in[47] there were 3, Tajiks in Turkmenistan, or less than 0.

The first population census of independent Turkmenistan conducted in tajik man 3, Tajiks in a population of 4.

Tajiks - Wikipedia

The population of Tajiks in Russia is aboutaccording to the census, up from 38, in the tajik man Soviet census of There tajik man an estimatedTajiks in Pakistan as ofkeora sex refugees from Afghanistan. On the whole, Tajiks are a genetically diverse population, displaying a wide range of phenotypes.

In Tajikistan, where Cyrillic script is used, it is called the Tajiki language.

However, when the Soviet Union introduced the Latin script inand later the Cyrillic script, the Persian dialect of Tajikistan came to tajik man considered a tranny escorts li Persian language. In Tajikistan, in ordinary speech, also known as "zaboni kucha" lit.

The dialects of modern Persian spoken throughout Tajik man Iran have a common origin. This is due to the fact that one of Greater Iran claremore guy here for black female historical cultural capitals, called Massage baldwin park ca Khorasanwhich included parts of modern Central Asia and much of Afghanistan and constitutes as tajik man Tajik's ancestral homeland, played a key role in the development and propagation of Persian language and culture throughout much of Greater Iran after the Muslim conquest.

Furthermore, early manuscripts of the historical Persian spoken in Mashhad during the development sex in harrogate Middle to Tajik man Persian show that their origins came from Sistanin present-day Afghanistan. Various scholars have recorded the ZoroastrianBuddhistand Aryan pre-Islamic heritage of the Tajik people. Early temples for fire worship have been found in Balkh and Bactria and excavations in present-day Tajikistan and Uzbekistan show remnants of Zoroastrian fire temples.

Today, however, the great majority of Tajiks follow Sunni Islamalthough tajik man Twelver and Ismaili Shia minorities also exist in scattered pockets. Some of the famous Islamic scholars were from either modern tajik man historical East-Iranian regions lying in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan and therefore can arguably be viewed as Tajiks.

According to a U. The smaller number of Tajiks who may follow Twelver Shia Islam are locally called Farsiwan [ citation needed ]. The Bukharian Tajik man community in Uzbekistan is the largest remaining community of Central Asian Jews and resides primarily in Bukhara and Samarkand, while the Bukharaian Jews of Tajikistan live in Dushanbe and number only a few. Tajik man, the Protestant community of Tajiks descent has experienced significant growth, a study estimates some 2, Muslim Tajik converted to Christianity.

Tajikistan marked as the year to commemorate the Tajik Sunni Muslim jurist Abu Hanifawhose ancestry hailed from Parwan Province of Afghanistan, as the nation hosted an international symposium that drew scientific and religious leaders. The mosque is planned to be built in Dushanbe and construction is said to be completed by The tajik man of the Soviet Union and the Civil War in Afghanistan both gave rise to a resurgence in Tajik nationalism across the region, including a tajik man to tajik man to the Perso-Arabic script in Tajikistan.

For instance, the President of TajikistanEmomalii Rahmondropped the Russian suffix "-ov" from his surname and directed others to adopt Tajik names when registering births. In an interview to Iranian news media in MayTajik man deputy culture minister said that Tajikistan would study the tajik man of switching its Tajik alphabet from Cyrillic to the Persian script used in Iran and Afghanistan when the government feels that "the Tajik people became familiar with the Persian alphabet".

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tajik man However, Rahmon's government renamed the language to simply 'Tajiki' in On OctoberTajikistan adopted the law tajik man removes Russian as the "language for interethnic communication. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Central Asian native Persian-speakers known as Tajiks. Refer also to Persian people.

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For other uses, tajik man Tajiks disambiguation. Further information: Samanid EmpireGhurid Empireand Kartids. See also: Ancient Iranian peoples and Proto-Indo-Europeans.

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Main article: Demographics of Tajikistan. Demography tajik man Afghanistan. Tajjk of Uzbekistan. Tajiks of Xinjiang. Demographics of Kazakhstan. Demographics of Kyrgyzstan. Demographics of Turkmenistan. Tajiks in Pakistan.

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Main articles: Tajik languageDari Persianand Persian language. Tajikistan portal. Fourth Tajik man. Ben Hoare, Margaret Parrish.

Jonathan Metcalf. Dorling Kindersley, pages. The World Factbook. Central Intelligence Agency. Tajik man 5, Retrieved Central Asian Survey. Tauris, p. The unofficial figure is over 6 million Tajiks. They are concentrated in the Sukhandarya, Samarqand and Bukhara amateur swinger blogs. Retrieved 28 May The population of people from Afghanistan the Tajik man States is estimated as 80, United States Census Bureau.

Retrieved 6 December The population of people with descent from Afghanistan in Canada is 48, according to Canada's Census.

The Tajik population in Canada is estimated from these two figures. Ethnic origins, counts, for Canada. Bosworth; B. Fragner Leiden, The Tajik man Koninklijke Brill NV.

In Shaffer, Brenda ed. The Limits of Fajik Islam tajik man Foreign Policy.

MIT Press.